Flaunt the Academic Regalia with Pride on Graduation Day

The world has produced millions of graduates till date and will be doing so year after year in the thousands of universities established across the globe. After the completion of the university course many of them attend the graduation ceremony conducted at the university campus. Those attending this ceremony need to follow a dress code that is they need to wear a certain kind of attire. This is generally termed as Academic Regalia. This kind of attire is now usually worn only during the graduation ceremony by all those who are present at the function. Formerly in olden days this had been the dress code of the undergraduates and they had to wear it daily. In fact certain universities still follow this old custom of wearing the academicals daily.


This dress consists of a gown or robe having a special hood and is usually black in color. It is accompanied by a cap that is unique in shape being square or has a bonnet or tam. This kind of clothing is considered traditional and many universities have kept this standard even today and its regalia including the Cap and gown have not changed even a bit. Some of the old and established universities having a modern outlook have made many changes in the design of their regalia to keep up with the times. The members of a few learned institutes and societies have preferred to adopt this as their office dress though with certain practical changes.


The commonwealth nations and also the United States use the design of the academicals that is derived from that of the oxford and Cambridge University. It was designed in the medieval period and was used as the clerical and academic dress in most parts of Europe at that time. Beneath the gown formal clothing that is suitable is usually worn by both men and women. This attire includes a white shirt and a tie generally for men and equivalent attire is recommended for women as well. Those using the Cap & Gown on a daily basis for office may wear the casual dress underneath. But on special occasions like the graduation day they are advised to wear the formal clothing though. Not adhering to this rule may be considered bad form.

Different universities have made small changes in the design to have some distinctiveness in the dress. In the modern times with the availability of so many kinds of materials a change in its use also has been made. Usually cotton poplin, rayon, silk or broadcloth is the preferred material. The universities can choose any of them according to the local weather conditions. The tropical regions usually go in for light materials while those in the temperate regions choose the heavy materials. This is done keeping the cold winter and hot summer months in mind. Whatever the dress worn and whatever changes have been made from the original academicals each institute respects its dress. Each member of the university feels pride in flaunting the special dress on the graduation day that can bring a lot of change in their life.